Texas Native Kacey Musgraves Asks The Internet To Turn Her Grammy Reaction Into A Meme

Kacey Musgraves
Photo credit Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY NETWO
By ALT 103.7

What’s the Internet to do but turn your funny face into a meme? 

The Grammy's were a big night for Texas native Kacey Musgraves. She took home not one, but four Grammy Awards. The night was full of surprises, the biggest one came when the winner for Album of the Year was announced. Musgraves found herself in complete shock when the announcer said her name. 

After a few days had passed Musgraves saw her reaction online and couldn’t believe the face she made. Musgraves posted a photo on Twitter of her reaction from the Album of the Year announcement, then asked her followers to turn her into an Internet meme. In the picture she has one eye closed and her mouth wide opened. Musgraves captioned the post “Let the memes begin”. Check out her photo down below, she does look pretty funny.  

That’s probably the best attitude to have when making an embarrassing face in national television. Check out some of meme’s that her followers have made so far down below. What would you caption Kacey Musgraves face?

Via: Uproxx