Keanu Reeves Surprises Fans And Signs Their Yard Sign On His Way To Film Bill & Ted 3

Keanu Reeves
Photo credit Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images
By ALT 103.7

Keanu Reeves saw a yard sign welcoming him to the small town of Slidell, Louisiana and took advantage of it.

Last month the actor helped present a new Xbox game that he was featured in. During the presentation, a random fan yelled out ‘You’re Breathtaking!’, Reeves immediately responded with "You're breathtaking! You're all breathtaking!"

While on his way to film ‘Bill & Ted Face The Music’ the actor saw a sign in someone’s front lawn that read ‘You’re Breathtaking’. The actor had the car pull over just so he could ask the homeowner if he could sign their poster. Of course, they said yes, and after he signed their message Reeves posed for a photo with the whole family. 

Keanu Reeves can really do no wrong. Check out the pictures Bill & Ted writer screenwriter Ed Solomon posted on Twitter.  

Via: CNN