[Video] Kelly Clarkson Trips At Indy 500 Before Singing National Anthem

Photo credit Press Association
By ALT 103.7

Kelly Clarkson has proved once again nothing will stop her from performing. Almost a month after hosting the Billboard Music Awards with appendicitis, the singer was asked to sing the National Anthem before the Indy 500. On her way into the stadium, Clarkson was caught on camera tripping on the red carpet, but that wouldn’t stop her as the singer caught herself and kept moving.

The ‘American Idol’ winner and coach on ‘The Voice’ was at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Sunday to start the event with the national Anthem. While heading into the venue Clarkson tripped on the red carpet, almost falling down. After avoiding disaster, she then turned to the media and gave a bow after noticing cameras caught her embarrassing moment.

Clarkson wasn’t done there though. After singing the National Anthem, she turned to twitter, posting the video of her tripping and adding, “best part of my day is always revealing to people that might not know how utterly not cool I am.” Kelly Clarkson also defended another singer after the event, after a twitter user tried attacking her performance.

Kelly Clarkson can truly do no wrong. Not only did she have the back of a sixteen year old singer, but she also made sure she didn’t end up on her back after her red carpet slip. At least the singer can laugh at her embarrassing moment, knowing disaster was avoided.

Via Fox News