Here Are The 5 Best Chocolate Chip Cookies In Dallas

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By ALT 103.7
Our pals at Dallasites101 had one of the hardest assignments we've ever seen (WHATEVER!): they had to track down the 5 Best Chocolate Chip Cookies In Dallas.

From the top to the bottom, here's what they found out (see, and taste, if you agree!):

1) JD's Chippery
  • Made from scratch
  • Cosmopolitan and Food and Wine (both national publications) have sung their praises.
  • They ship cookies all around the country.

2) Tiff Treats

  • They deliver their cookies warm.
  • They're delicious!

3) The Cookie Shop

  • They keep it simple: no uneeded decorations or coloring.
  • They package their cookies so your fingers don't get gooey.

4) Eatzi's

  • Absolutely amazing consistency.
  • Thin and chewy.

5) Neiman Marcus

  • Yes, they do make cookies!
  • You can find them online, or go in to try them out.

Agree or disagree?  Anything we miss?