'Solomoons' Are The Newest Trend Among Millennials

Photo credit Joe Raedle / Staff
By ALT 103.7

Well, millennials are at it again.  

The newest trend making it's way up is a little thing called a "solomoon".  And it's just what it sounds like.  

Before getting married, young people are taking trips completely by themselves to reflect and get ready for the big leap they are about to take.  

Julia Lushing is one such person who took a ''solomoon'' and spoke about why she needed to get away from it all.  “I didn’t realize how stressful wedding planning was going to be, so I needed some time to myself to decompress.”  Instead of a bachelorette party, “all I wanted to do was get away from everything and everyone, and de-stress.”

Relationship coach Diana Kirschner weighed in on the new trend saying, “As people are getting married later in life, there is an increasingly common and overarching fear that they will lose themselves in marriage in various ways,” says Kirschner, author of “Love in 90 Days.” “While marriage can be incredible, it can also mean that you’re giving up something positive if you liked your single life, too.”

-story via nypost.com