#Trashtag Challenge Goes Viral

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Photo credit ID 89790285 © Edgars Sermulis | Dreamstime.com
By ALT 103.7

The #trashtag challenge began in Nepal with KP Khanal, a social worker and activist, sharing his story of a 'clean-up drive' done at the New Bus Park in Gongabu with five of his friends.

Khanal tagged his social media post under #trashtag

Khanal's post grabbed the attention of a popular Nepali Facebook page 'Routine of Nepal Banda' on March 10th. That's when the #trashtag challenge blew up, drawing more than 19,000 likes and 300+ shares from the page.

Then it went viral among other groups and pages!





Do you know somewhere in DFW that needs cleaning up? I challenge you to the #trashtag challenge! If you need some help, hit me up on social media and we can make the world a cleaner place together <3< p=""/>