Believe It Or Not, Lemonade Stands Are Illegal In Texas, But A Proposed Bill Is Looking To Change That

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By ALT 103.7

As winter moves into spring, you’ll probably start to notice a lot more lemonade stands popping up around your neighborhood.

We are informing you that it is your duty as Texans to report these sweet children to the authorities for engaging in such heinous and illegal acts!

Joking, clearly, but believe or not, these makeshift lemonade stands are actually illegal in the Lone Star State.

Old state food establishment rules ban the sale of homemade goods due to health concerns.  Obviously, lemonade stands involve homemade lemonade, which are a direct violation of these laws.

Yesterday, the House took a major step to free lemonade from the clutches of archaic law, and make it legal for any young person to start their own lemonade stand.  State Rep. Matt Krause from Fort Worth who authored the bill said, “Today is Lemonade Freedom Day.  It’s to ensure anyone under the age of 18 is free from any kind of fine, fee, or regulation when they want to start their first business.”

Via Star-Telegram