Blue Bell Ice Cream Announces New "Salted Caramel Cookie" Flavor

Salted Caramel, Ice Cream, Bowl, Spoon
Photo credit (Photo by Getty Images)
By ALT 103.7

Blue Bell is bringing us a brand new flavor this fall.

The company announced that Salted Caramel Cookie ice cream will soon hit the shelves, with Blue Bell describing the flavor as "rich, creamy caramel ice cream that's loaded with vanilla crème filled cookies and a salted caramel swirl."

Sounds good to us!

Jimmy Lawhorn, vice president of sales and marketing for Blue Bell, said, "Our new Salted Caramel Cookie ice cream is a perfect combination of sweet and salty.  What makes this flavor stand out from all the others is the cookie. The vanilla crème-filled cookie balances the caramel ice cream and salted swirl perfectly."

Salted Caramel Cookie ice cream will be available in half-gallon and pint sizes will soon be available for a limited time.