Brewery To Release Beer That Tastes Like Lucky Charms Cereal

Cereal, Bowl, Marshmallows
By ALT 103.7

Smartmouth Brewing Company will soon debut a new beer that will take you immediately back to your childhood.

This Saturday, the brewery will be releasing Saturday Morning, a beer inspired by none other than Lucky Charms cereal.

A description of the beer reads, "Designed to remind you of your childhood when you used to sort through bowls of your favorite breakfast cereal to separate the marshmallows from the cereal.  Whether you ate them first or saved them for last, we've got you covered with our latest beer."

Saturday Morning All Day is 6.6 percent alcohol by volume, and was brewed with toasted marshmallows and dehydrated marshmallow bits.  Unfortunately, the beer will only be available for a limited time, and more unfortunately, it will only be released, for the time being, at their tasting room in Norfolk, Va.

Via Fox News