This Coin Purse Designed To Look Like A Human Face Is Insanely Realistic

Woman, Coin Purse, Quarter, Leather Purse, Wallet
Photo credit (Photo by Getty Images)
By ALT 103.7

A Japanese artist is thinking “next level” stuff with his latest designs.

Artist “dooo,” who also performs as a DJ, has created a bevy of iPhone accessories, DJ equipment, and stamps that all resemble human flesh and body parts.

And they are all hyper realistic.

His latest creation, however, tops everything he’s made up until this point, in our opinion.

dooo has just unveiled a coin purse, designed to look exactly like a human mouth.  It has teeth, a tongue, stubble, and the video is extremely uncomfortable to watch.

Unfortunately, this appears to be the only man face coin purse in existence.  Where possibly can doooo go from here?

Via Sora News 24