Dogs, Beer, And Celebrity Cameos, The Best Commercials From Super Bowl LIII

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By ALT 103.7

There are plenty of people last night who couldn't have cared less about the game, and we're watching just for the commercials.

We had our standard fare of beer ads and those that tug at the heartstrings, and PLENTY of celebrity cameos to fill in the absolute bore of the game.  

Check out some of the most notable commercials that aired during Super Bowl LIII!

Pepsi, "More Than OK"

Doritos, "Now It's Hot"

Hyundai, "The Elevator"

Microsoft, "We All Win"

Olay, "Killer Skin"

Budweiser, “Wind Never Felt Better”

Pringles, “Sad Device”

Planters, "Crunch Time"

Colgate, "Close Talker"

Stella Artois, “Change Up the Usual”

Amazon, “Not Everything Makes the Cut”

NFL, "The 100-Year Game"

Any we missed?  What was your favorite commercial?