Fat Rat Gets Stuck In Sewer Grate And Has To Be Rescued By Firefighters

Rat, Isolated, White Background
By ALT 103.7

It appears that this rat in Germany put on a little too much poundage this past winter.

The rat was trying to climb through a sewer grate, when it became stuck; its belly was just too big.

A pair of teenage girls noticed the rat struggling, and notified their local firefighters.  They, along with an animal rescue team, were able to prop open the manhole, secure a safety loop around the fat rat, and free her from her predicament.

Some commenters questioned why such an enormous effort was put into rescuing the rat.  Michael Sehr, a professional animal rescuer from Rhein Necker who helped rescue the rat, said, “Even animals that are hated by many deserve respect.”

Via Fox News