Florida Woman’s Maternity Shoot Involves Posing With Beer, An Alligator, And A Shotgun

Baby Alligator, Water, Head, Close Up, Gator
By ALT 103.7

Like most expectant mothers, Lindsey Tuttle wanted her maternity shoot to be special.

The Tampa native wanted something that had special meaning to her, but also represented her love for the Sunshine State.  Florida. Her home.  

So, Lindsey, along with her husband Jonathan posed in front of a Florida flag, while she cradled a baby gator, and stood next to a shotgun and six pack of Bud Light.

Tuttle said she wanted a picture “different than 'the run of the mill maternity photos of women in the forest being goddesses,’” she told WTSP 10 News.  She said, “My husband is the most pure and wonderful human being in the world for putting up with all of my crazy ideas.  While I love the attention, he hates it, but he loves me enough to go along with stupid s--- like this that puts a spotlight on us and supports me in everything I do.  He is a treasure and I’m so lucky to have him.”

The baby is due March 6th.

Via Florida Today