Helicopter Rescue Doesn't Go As Planned As 74-Year-Old Victim Spins Uncontrollably In The Air

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Photo credit (Photo by Getty Images)
By ALT 103.7

A helicopter rescue in Arizona didn't go exactly as planned yesterday.

Firefighters were trying to airlift the 74-year-old female victim who had become stuck on a hiking trail.  Firefighters from the Phoenix Fire Department felt the best course of action was to airlift the victim off of the mountain.  

They were able to secure her in a rescue stretcher, but as the helicopter took off, a line that was supposed to prevent the stretcher from spinning in circles failed, and air turbulence from the helicopter’s rotor caused a burst of turbulence, which sent the elderly woman in an uncontrollable spin.  

Thankfully, the woman suffered no injuries as a result of the spinning.

Via NY Post