Helicopter Sent Into A Tailspin, Crash Lands Into New York's Hudson River

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Photo credit (Photo by Xinhua/Sipa USA)
By ALT 103.7

A helicopter had just refueled on the West Side of Manhattan yesterday afternoon when disaster struck.

The 35-year-old pilot suddenly lost altitude, sending the chopper into a tailspin, all leading to a crash landing into the Hudson River.

The helicopter was mostly underwater.  Thankfully, inflatable pontoons kept it from sinking into the Hudson completely.  The FDNY and NYPD were able to secure the helicopter, and drag it to a nearby heliport where it was tethered, and eventually completely lifted out of the water.

Luckily, the pilot was the only person on board, and he was  safely removed from the water by a NY Waterway Ferry.

In 32 years, NY Waterway crews have rescued almost 300 people from the waters of New York Harbor, including 143 people alone from U.S. Airways Flight 1549 in "The Miracle on the Hudson."

Via ABC 7