Machine Gun Kelly Shares Amazing Behind-The-Scenes Video Of His Transformation Into Tommy Lee For "The Dirt"

Machine Gun Kelly, Red Carpet, The Dirt, Premiere, Netflix, 2019
Photo credit (Photo by Faye Sadou/AdMedia/Sipa USA)
By ALT 103.7
Rapper and actor Machine Gun Kelly portrayed Tommy Lee in the Netflix biopic of Motley Crue, The Dirt.

Although it's not the case now, a teenaged Tommy Lee did not have any tattoos at the time of the band's formation.  Machine Gun Kelly has a TON of tattoos, so the filmmakers obviously needed to cover them up for an accurate portrayal.

MGK shared a really cool video of the behind-the-scenes process it took to cover up all his tats, a process he would endure daily for four months straight while they were filming.

Two layers of body spray were applied to MGK's body, followed by a wig, and makeup.  The process took even longer whenever they had to start adding Tommy lee's own tattoos!

Machine Gun Kelly also shared an incredible video where he Facetimed his friends, who had never seen him before without tattoos!