Madonna Debuts "Medellin" With Augmented Reality Performance At Billboard Music Awards

Madonna, Close Up, Live 8, London, White Dress, Smile, 2005
Photo credit (Photo by mvw)
By ALT 103.7

Last night's Billboard Music Awards saw the first performance of "Medellin," the new single from Madonna's upcoming 14th studio album Madame X.

And of course, Madge wouldn't just put out any ol' run-of-the-mill performance.

To debut her new single, Madonna pumped $5 million into a performance that featured holograms and "motion capture technology" to provide an "augmented reality edge," the first of its kind ever seen on US Network TV.    

Madame X will be released June 14, and will feature appearances by Migos’ Quavo, Rae Sremmurd’s Swae Lee, Diplo, and Brazilian singer Anitta.