Man Peeing Off Bridge Injures Four Traveling On Boat Below

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Photo credit (Photo by Getty Images)
By ALT 103.7

A man in Berlin, Germany decided to relieve himself off of a nearby bridge.

As he was urinating, a boat was traveling underneath that very bridge.   In an attempt to avoid the urine trickling from the bridge above, four passengers on the boat quickly jumped to move out of the way. Unfortunately, the four hit their heads trying to avoid the splashback.

The four were taken to an area hospital due to the severity of their injuries.  The Berlin Fire Brigade later tweeted, “As an excursion steamer passed on under #Spree a bridge, a person urinated on the ship from above.  Several people jumped up and were wounded in the head as they passed through. 4 people were taken by ambulance to hospitals."

Police are still on the lookout for the man accused of peeing off the bridge.

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