National News Anchor Says He Hasn’t Washed His Hands In Over Ten Years

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By ALT 103.7

Fox News host Pete Hegseth doesn’t believe germs are a real thing.

He’s so adamant with this stance, Sunday morning while hosting Fox & Friends, Hegseth admitted that he hasn’t washed his hands in over ten years.   Co-host Jedediah Bila called out Hegseth for eating day old pizza, to which Hegseth retorted with the confession.  He said, “My 2019 resolution is to say things on-air that I say off-air. I don't think I've washed my hands for 10 years.  I inoculate myself.  Germs are not a real thing.  I can't see them; therefore, they're not real.”

Of course, most people were appalled, though Hegseth did receive some support from other non-hand washers.

Though now, Hegseth is admitting that he was “clearly” joking, saying the whole point was to call out “germ-obsessors” to lighten up.  He said, “My half-hearted commentary to the point is, we live in a society where people walk around with bottles of Purell in their pockets, and they sanitize 19,000 times a day as if that’s going to save their life.  I take care of myself and all that, but I don’t obsess over everything all the time.”

Via USA Today