New Proposal Would Change The Name Of Texas Town From "Dripping Springs" To "Pound Town"

Texas Flag, Painted, Historic Building, Wall, Door
By ALT 103.7

The residents of Dripping Springs, Texas might see a major change coming to their town.

A new proposal wants to rename the town after one of the town's "most outstanding and earliest settlers," Dr. Joseph M. Pound.  So the new name of Dripping Springs?  Pound Town.

According to the coalition for Pound Town, the name change would honor Dr. Pound, whose contributions include being the earliest doctor in Hays County, and allowing his home to serve as "a medical office and hospital, church, schoolhouse, post office and social gathering place for the fledgling community of Dripping Springs."

Dripping Springs, or as we like to call it Future Pound Town, is located 23 miles west of Austin.

Via CBS Austin