One In 25 Men, One In 30 Women, Shower Just Once A Week

Shower Head, Water Drops
By ALT 103.7

How often should you shower?

We know it’s recommended to not wash your hair every single day, but those rules can’t apply to your body, do they?

A recent poll out of England showed that one in 25 men and one in 30 women shower only once every seven days.  That’s 3% of the population that only shower once a week.  49% shower once a day, 20% shower four to six times per week, and 18% shower two to three times a week.  And 6% of people shower more than once per day.

The poll also found that younger people tend to be less hygienic-conscious than their older peers, but according to Dr. Daniel Atkinson, a daily shower may not be as important as we think.

He told, “It’s kind of a routine isn't it, it’s part of my waking-up routine, having a shower. But it’s probably not necessary and we've probably only been doing it since it became convenient to have a bathroom in your house.  Actually once or twice a week is probably enough as long as you’re washing below the belt and on your face.”

Via Yahoo!