Parents Are Now Hiring Coaches To Teach Their Kids To Limit Their Screen Time

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By ALT 103.7

Finally, it's come to this.

Parents desperate to kick their children off their technology addictions have taken to hiring coaches to help teach their kids to limit their screen time.  These Screen Time Coaches can cost anywhere from $80 to $250 per hour, spread out typically over eight to twelve sessions.

For $250, these coaches will let you know sometimes its as easy as "getting a dog, or going outside."  Parenting consultant and child behavior specialist Rhonda Moskowitz said, "Is there a ball somewhere?  Throw the ball.  Kick the ball."  More advice to kick the screen habits include, "Do you have a plain old piece of material that can be used as a cape?  Great," according to Moskowitz.

It may seem ridiculous to pay someone $250 to tell your kids to go play outside, but so many parents themselves are addicted to their phones it may be hard for them to relate to their kids why they need to go outside.  And plenty of parents didn't grow up with the same kinds of technologies that kids have access to these days, so it can be hard for them to gage how much use is too much.

Either way, parents are desperate for their kids to kick their habits, and it appears that just telling their kids "go play outside" just isn't enough anymore.

Via Scary Mommy