Ryan Reynolds Trolls Fans With 'Full Leak' Of "Pokemon: Detective Pikachu"

Ryan Reynolds, Red Carpet, Detective Pikachu, Premiere, 2019
Photo credit (Photo by Stephen Smith/SIPA USA)
By ALT 103.7
Pokemon: Detective Pikachu is already considered to be one of the greatest live-action movie adaptations of a video game of all time.

So, it makes sense that people would go to extreme lengths to see it.

Seemingly, a random Twitter account appears to have acquired a full leak of the film, and posted it to YouTube.  The illegal rip of the film even caught the attention of star Ryan Reynolds, who voices Pikachu in the movie.  Reynolds tweeted both the film's official Twitter account and Warner Bros. about the leak, but it turns out, it was all a ruse!

The link actually contains about one minute of movie, and then 99 minutes of Pikachu dancing in a studio, to full-on '80s dance music.  Literally, it's Pikachu dancing to '80s workout music for an hour and a half, and it's amazing!

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu hits theaters tomorrow!

Via The Verge