Ten Surefire Signs People Think You Have An Intimidating Personality

Arms Crossed, Suit, Male, Intimidating, Angry, Purple Tie
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By ALT 103.7

Do you have an intimidating personality?

Do you suffer from a severe case of RBF?  We all know people who come off harder than they mean to, but it's their genetic being.  Some people, no matter what state they're come off as angry or intimidating.  

If you feel like this might be you, we have ten warning signs that other people might find your personality intimidating.

Just remember though, we love you exactly the way you are!

10. You tell it like it is.

9. You're open-minded and want to try new things.

8. You Innovate

7. You're direct.

6. You're strong-willed.

5. You can't stand people who constantly complain.

4. You are kind.

3. Small talk isn't your thing.

2. You're wise beyond your years.

1. You don't tolerate stupidity.

Sound like anyone you know?

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