Texas High School To Start Enforcing Dress Code For Parents

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By ALT 103.7

A Houston-area high school expects its students to adhere to a dress code.  

Not uncommon.

However, now they expect their parents to do the same.

In order to be permitted into James Madison High School, parents must adhere to the same dress code students follow, which includes prohibiting:

-“A satin cap or bonnet on their head" 

-Hair rollers 

-"Pajamas of any kind" 

-"Leggings that are showing your bottom and where your body is not covered from the front or the back" 

-"Sagging pants" 

-"Men wearing undershirts" 

-Daisy Dukes

According to school principal Carlotta Outley Brown, James Madison wants to ensure the school is helping to create a “professional educational environment” with the dress code. 

Some have criticized the new policy, calling it “classist,” “belittling,” and “dismissive.”  Ashton P. Woods, a candidate for Houston City Council, called the new policy “elitism.”

However, Principal Brown refuses to back down.  She said, “We have to have standards, most of all we must have high standards. We are preparing your child for a prosperous future.”

Via USA Today