Texas Senate Unanimously Approves Bill Issuing $5,000 Raises For All Texas Teachers

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By ALT 103.7

Senate Bill 3 received a unanimous vote from the Texas Senate earlier this week, which will issue $5,000 raises annually for all teachers in the Lone Star State.

State Sen. Jane Nelson (R), who authored the bill, said Monday, “We know that teachers are dipping into their own personal funds to pay for classroom supplies. Our teachers are struggling financially.  The one thing we need to do first and foremost is to recognize the need to uplift our whole teaching profession.”

The bill passed after an amendment to include librarians, who are required to spend two years in the classroom before attaining the position.

Now, Senate Bill 3 heads to the House for further consideration.  If it is passed, it will then head to Governor Greg Abbot’s desk for his final approval and signature.

Via The Hill