US Army Sergeant Leads Soldiers With "Baby Shark" Marching Drill

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Photo credit (Photo by Getty Images)
By ALT 103.7

Soliders march everyday, and it's no different for Sgt. 1st Class Lincoln Crisler and the 551st Signal Battalion at Fort Gordon in Georgia.  

However, what sets Sgt. 1st Class Crisler and the 551st apart is what they are marching to.

Video recently went viral of Crisler leading his soldiers to the tune of the classic tune "Baby Shark."

Crisler says he likes to try and change the cadences up and keep them as fresh as possible.  He told the August Chronicle, "I was like, let’s do something kind of cool while still marching them that still keeps them in step and people wouldn’t expect it."  Pvt. 2nd Class Dylan Bazzy knows the song from his four-year-old brother, and he welcomed the surprising song, and it actually helped the soliders unwind.  "It is a breath of fresh air and it relaxes you, it takes the pressure off you," he said.

And while soldiers were expected to keep the arms to their sides while marching, some couldn't help themselves, and were laughing and waving their arms in the motion while chanting.

Via August Chronicle