UTSA Students Becoming “Sugar Babies” In Order To Fund College Expenses

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By ALT 103.7

As the price of attending college continues to rise, more and more students are finding unique ways to help fund their college experience.

Students at the University of Texas at San Antonio are seeking “sugar daddies” and “sugar mommies” in order to help pay for their time at school.  This is according to the operators of the dating website “Seeking Arrangement,” which said UTSA is among the top schools in the country for being a “Sugar Baby School.”

Seeking Arrangement promotes connecting sugar babies, daddies, and mommies to “fund lavish outings, college, or pay debt.”  Senior Anthony Silva has at least two friends who actively use the website.  He says, “These friends tend to be female and usually seek out older guys that have a lot more money and just have them pay for stuff so that they don't have to take away from school.  Usually like dates, food, sometimes clothing, sometimes shoes. Sometimes it's not school-essential stuff, but sometimes it is.”

Currently, UTSA ranks 19th in the nation for “Fastest Growing Sugar Baby Schools,” according to Seeking Arrangement, with at least 875 students signing up on the site.