Website Lets You Buy A Beer For A Federal Worker Currently Furloughed By The Government Shutdown

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By ALT 103.7

As more and more Americans are feeling the stress of the government shutdown, we continue to see small acts of generosity from all over.

People in Canada sending pizzas to their peers in the states, and plenty of restaurants offering discounts on food for furloughed federal workers who aren't getting paid right now.  One website knows that at the end of a long, hard day, you just might want to settle down with a nice, tall cold one.

Pay It Furloughed is currently accepting donations from people across the country aimed at buying local federal employees affected by the government shutdown a beer.   You can fund one, two, or six beers, or even make a larger donation if you’re feeling more generous.  

The money collected goes directly to the participating breweries and according to the website, there are 1,490 beers available and there is no maximum number of free beers for federal employees or contractors with valid identification.

Pay It Furloughed is looking to expand to more cities across the country as the shutdown continues.