Younger People Choosing Where To Vacation Based On “Instagramability”

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By ALT 103.7

How do you decide where to go on vacation? 

Whether it's to see the sites, do activities, or it's all based on cost, people go on vacation for different reasons.  It seems that more and more younger people, however, i.e.. Millennials, are choosing where they vacation based on something completely different.

It’s not the cost. Not the food.  No, people are choosing where they vacation by the location’s “Instagramability.”  Because of course, if you can’t get a couple good pictures out of it, how good really was the vacay?

Condé Nast Traveler contributing editor Mark Ellwood told CBS This Morning, “Think about that: 40% of millennials who won't go somewhere unless they can Instagram it.  That's baking Instagram into travel.  We're not picking a vacation destination and taking a picture once we get there.  We're thinking, 'Can I get a great picture?  If I can't I'm not going to go.”

70% of Instagram’s content is now related to travel, and though it might sound ridiculous, this mindset is helping different countries grow their tourism.  New Zealand, for example, is one of the “hottest destinations in the world,” according to Ellwood. It’s tourism marketing has grown 14% because of its beautiful scenery.  

So how can places attract millennials, therefore more business?  Ellwood said, “When you walk into a hotel lobby, take a moment and look around and think, 'What about the design here is intended to be photographed?' They're not white anymore. They're bright colors.  The hotels want you to take pictures.”

Via CBS News