Mother Duck Shows Off Her Duckling’s By Parading Them Through A Hospital

Ducklings and their mama
Photo credit Photo By: Getty Images
By ALT 103.7

At the Thompson Health hospital in Canandaigua, New York they have a very cute and special tradition. Every year a duck lays eggs in the hospital's enclosed courtyard.

Once the eggs have all hatched, the mother duck will show them off to all the patients by parading them around the halls. They’re just a cute as you would imagine, all lined up following their mom. 

The hospital staff posted pictures on Facebook of the mama duck walking through the hallway as she shows off all 13 of her newborn ducklings. The ducks made their way through the M.M. Ewing Continuing Care Center and were guided to a grassy area in the back of the hospital. 

Check out the cute photos of the ducks down below. 

Via: People