In Honor Of His Late Veteran Brother, A Man Bought Chick Fil-A For 11 Service Members

People at Chick-Fil-A
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By ALT 103.7

Jonathan Full was just sitting down for lunch at a local Chick-Fil-A in Durham, North Carolina with his brother, son, and nephew when 11 service members walked in. Jonathan saw this as an opportunity to pay it forward. 

The week prior, Full's stepbrother Joshua, who was a marine that served in Afghanistan took his own life. 

When Full offered to pay for all 11 service members meals, every one of them declined at first but later accepted after Full told them what had happened to his brother. All Full asked was that they take care of their fellow servicemen who may be suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

Full Told Yahoo Lifestyle, “My message to them was to reach out to their fellow servicemen and help anyone with PTSD because I just lost my brother to it. It was a way for me to express my gratitude for what they do and help me grieve for my brother, and I wanted to give back to them for what burdens they will now carry for life to help us”

While Full was speaking with the service members, his brother Stephan was explaining to their kids what Jonathan was doing and how it was his honor to buy them a meal and say thank you. “This is how good starts, with teaching our kids and showing them how to show respect and honor.”

Check out the Facebook post Stephan Full posted down below.