Man Catches 170-Pound Alligator Gar On Lake Texoma

Alligator Gar
Photo credit Photo By Getty Images
By ALT 103.7

Memorial Day weekend is fast approaching, and that means its time to head to the lake. But have you ever wondered what might be swimming underneath you? 

Before going out fishing with your friends everybody likes to talk about reeling in a trophy fish, by the end of the day yall come back with a dozen little fish. Last weekend a family went out fishing on Lake Texoma and caught just that. 

Zachary Sutterfield of Durant, Oklahoma caught a giant alligator gar. The fish was so big that it took him and two other family members to reel it in. The Oklahoma Game Warden came out and brought a biologist from the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation to recorded data from the fish. The gar was 6 feet 9 inches in length and weighed about 170 pounds. 

The warden later posted a picture of the alligator gar on Facebook. Check out the picture of monster-sized fish down below. 

This alligator gar may look massive, but it doesn’t even come close to breaking the Oklahoma state record of the 254-pound alligator gar caught in the Red River back in 2015. 

Via: KJRH News