[Video] Man Who Can’t Afford Vacation Makes Fake Hawaii Trip Video

Photo credit lucky-photographer
By ALT 103.7

Just about everyone would like to go on an extravagant summer vacation, but cost normally prevents people from going on their dream trips. While many miss out on the experiences and culture, mostly people just wish they could post pictures and videos from their trip to make those in their life jealous. That’s why when one social media user couldn’t afford to go to Hawaii; he decided to fake his Hawaii vacation instead.

Anthony Bustamante makes funny videos for social media on a regular basis, so when it came to his summer vacation, there was no question Bustamante would be making fun of his situation. “I can’t afford a trip to Hawaii so I created one,” wrote Bustamante in his post for the video of him enjoying his green screened vacation.

The video quickly went viral, and even may have given Anthony Bustamante the chance to go to Hawaii. Travel site, Kayak, sent out a tweet for round trip flights in response to his video, and details for the trip are currently being worked out. For those that can’t afford their dream vacation, Bustamante may have just given the world a travel loophole.

Via Yahoo!