Gary Oldman Will Be The Voice Behind The New David Bowie Augmented Reality App

Photo credit Press Association
By ALT 103.7

The Thin White Duke may be gone, but he will not soon be forgotten. Ever since David Bowie’s death back in 2016, fans of the iconic singer have been pleading for any new content involving Bowie. Lucky enough there is a new David Bowie app coming to smart phones next week, and it was reported today that actor Gary Oldman will be the narrating voice behind the new app.

The David Bowie app will be available on Tuesday, January 8th, which happens to be the singer’s birthday. It will be an augmented reality adaptation of ‘David Bowie Is,’ the hit museum exhibit from last year. Fans will be able to enjoy 3D renderings of the show’s large collection of Bowie memorabilia. Some of the items that will be involved in the app are Bowie’s costumes, handwritten lyrics and original works of art.

Gary Oldman, who will narrate the tour on the app, was a perfect choice to voice the digital version of the exhibit. Oldman and Bowie were good friends, having both starred in Julian Schnabel’s 1996 film ‘Basquiat.’ Oldman also starred in the music video for Bowies, ‘The Next Day.’ Gary Oldman’s voice will coincide with music from the late artist, in order to amplify the exhibit, along with allowing the actor to elaborate on certain pieces.

Fans of David Bowie, along with Gary Oldman, turned to social media to share in their excitement for the announcement. While many were unaware of the connection between the two stars, fans were in agreement, it seemed like the perfect choice. It seems every fan has a reason to like this decision, as one twitter user wrote, “Awesome Like him in Kung Fu Panda 2. The David Bowie AR App will be incredible.”

The app will also feature 60 new items that weren’t featured in the original exhibit. In a statement by Gary Oldman, the actor said, “This brings the amazing David Bowie Is exhibition to a wider audience. It’s great that his fans get to experience it. It was a privilege to be involved. The app will be available for purchase on both iOS and android devices, and will be sold for $7.99.

Via A.V. Club