Fitness Trainer In Dallas Quit Her Job And Is Now Going To Climb Mount Everest

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By ALT 103.7

McKinney, Texas is a fart distance away from Mt Everest, not only is distance, but elevation. That’s not stopping Crystal Lovell, who on March 25th will begin her journey to Kathmandu in order to climb to the peak of Mt. Everest.

Crystal Lovell has been sleeping in a box altitude tent in order to simulate the air at 18,000 feet, and even quit her job as a fitness trainer in order to make her journey. However, the young climber only got into the sport a few years ago. After a friend invited her on a backpack trip through Yosemite, Lovell got the itch, and began her career reaching some of the world’s highest peaks. It started with Mt. Rainier in Washington, and now she has reached her top goal of Mt. Everest.

According to Crystal Lovell, in a discussion with her husband she said, “Let’s stop doing everything for money and let’s do it for passion.’ Quit the job. Sold the house. Paid up all the debt and decided that passion is going to be our compass from now on.” This is not the first Texan to attempt to climb Mt. Everest. A few years back Beck Weathers attempted the feet, but after sustaining major injuries, doctors were able to regrow a nose on Weather’s forehead.

While that story is quite compelling, we all wish much better luck for Crystal Lovell on her h=journey to the top of Mt. Everest. She has quit her job as a fitness trainer, and is leaving Texas, but her dreams are only a few thousand feet away.

Via D Magazine