Dick’s Last Resort To Add “Chicks” To Name If USWNT Gets Equal Pay

Photo credit Press Association
By ALT 103.7

The US Women’s National Soccer Team winning the world cup has inspired many, including Dallas’ own restaurant group, Dick’s Last Resort. The restaurant known for its sense of humor has announced they will change their name if the Women’s team gets equal pay. The new restaurant will be called ‘Chicks & Dick’s Last Resort.’

In a press release made by Dick’s Last Resort, the restaurant group said the change would be made “for a minimum of one month,” if the U.S. Soccer Federation changes their pay structure. Equal pay became a rallying cry for the USWNT during the world cup. While some may find the name change inappropriate, the restaurant says it’s in line with their “sassy” way of treating customers.

Dick’s Last Resort is known for servers making hats for customers with crude statements written on them. The slogan for the restaurant group is, “putting the F.U. in FUN since 1985.” While some may find the restaurant vulgar, the CEO claims this is no stunt, saying “equal pay for equal work is no joke, and neither is our pledge."

Via GuideLive