Nirvana Manager Reveals Final Call With Kurt Cobain In New Book

Photo credit Press Association
By ALT 103.7

April 5th marks the 25 year anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death. While the iconic rocker is missed my many adoring fans, his music has not been forgotten, and neither has his legacy. Nirvana’s former manager, Danny Goldberg, is releasing a new book about Cobain, and recently released a shocking excerpt.

In a new excerpt from the book, published by The Star, Goldberg discusses his final phone call with Kurt Cobain before his death. In the book, the band’s former manager writes, “Katie (Goldberg’s 3-year-old daughter) wandered into the room while I was talking to him and said she had something she’d been meaning to tell him. I hoped that her voice would cheer him up so I put her on the phone.”

In order to cheer up the depressed icon, Goldberg put his daughter on the phone to talk to Cobain. Goldberg would continue saying, “‘Kurt, you sound a little grumpy. Don’t be grumpy!’ and said she loved him and handed the phone back to me. I told him I loved him again. Kurt and I said goodbye to each other and his despair sounded undiminished. I felt helpless. It was the last time we spoke.”

With the 25th anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death only a day away, many fans have turned to social media to pay their respect. With Danny Goldberg’s book being released, fans will now have another source of intimate information about the late star. While Kurt Cobain has been gone for 25 years, he isn’t anywhere close to being forgotten.

Via Metalhead Zone