[Photos] Freezing Temperatures Turns Niagara Falls Into A Winter Wonderland

Photo credit Spiroview Inc. | Dreamstime.com
By ALT 103.7

The Northeast was hit with frozen temperatures and heavy snowfall over the weekend. While this most likely ruined the plans of many residents and visitors of the area, those who were brave enough to venture out into the frigid environment to go visit Niagara Falls were in for a special treat when they arrived. Due to the cold temperatures and heavy snowfall, the popular tourist attraction appeared to be frozen, creating the image of a winter wonderland. Many visitors posted photos of the incredible spectacle to social media.

While usually visitors of Niagara Falls look forward to viewing the roaring waterfalls, due to the freezing weather, attendees got a glimpse of the rare winter spectacle. While to many, the waterfall did appear to be frozen over, according to Stuart M. Evans, an assistant professor in the Department of Geography at the University at Buffalo, “Something moving as fast as the falls is extremely difficult to freeze.” Still the icy spectacle made Niagara Falls quite the sight over the weekend.

Niagara Falls, which can reach heights of 176 feet, has this phenomena occur in some form almost every winter, but the weekends winter storm brought an extra layer of beauty to the falls. With many icicles, snow covering the area, and even parts of the falls frozen over, visitors truly felt they were transported to a winter wonderland. According to Niagara Falls USA, “surface water and mist in the air turns to ice, but there is still plenty of water flowing.”

While the water was indeed still flowing, the photos captured quickly made their way through social media. One post wrote of the area, “I personally believe that Niagara Falls is the most beautiful during the winter time. Everything is completely frozen.” Others added photos showing different area of Niagara Falls looking more like a snowy mountain, than a flowing waterfall. According to Niagara Falls USA, extremely cold temperatures can cause certain area to build up ice, that can reach up to 40 feet of thickness,  along with parts of the water freezing as well, as it goes over the falls.

While many in the Northeast were dreading this winter storm over the weekend, those who made it to Niagara Falls were surely happy the weather came when it did. The area may turn into a great snowy backdrop most winters, but last weekends below freezing weather really helped make Niagara Falls look like an icy winter dreamscape. Now that the photos have been taken though, let’s hope the area warms up soon, for everyone else’s sake.

Via Fox News