Ice Cream Shop That Employs Special Needs Adults Has Expanded To Central Market

Photo credit VeselovaElena
By ALT 103.7

An ice cream shop at University Park in Dallas is growing faster than anyone expected. Howdy Homemade, which hires employees with special needs, has begun to venture out, as employees have been selling the ice cream at Central Market for about a week. They have been to 10 different Central markets in Texas, and they nearly reached their goal of a sellout.

Most of the staff at Howdy Homemade are adults with special needs. They do just about everything at the University Park shop, including; making the ice cream, working the register and chatting with customers. Now sampling ice cream at Central Market has been added, as Howdy Homemade made their retail debut last week.

According to founder Tom Landis, “My business plan is simple. My goal is to open more and more restaurants and hire people with special needs. We can fast-track that with samplers." This year the company opened its first location in Salt Lake City, and currently is working through 120 applications for franchisees across the country. Howdy Homemade is growing, and as it does will continue to make the metroplex proud.

Via GuideLive