A Giant Potato In Idaho Has Been Listed On Airbnb For $200 A Night

Photo credit TonyBaggett
By ALT 103.7

Idaho may be famous for their potatoes, but this is taking things too far. There is now a giant potato in Idaho listed on Airbnb that can be rented out for $200 a night.

Sadly, the potato is not real, but instead a prop that has been traveling around the country for the last six years. Now the giant potato resides at the Big Idaho Potato Hotel, and guests can rent it and get the true full Idaho experience.

The 6-ton potato, made of steel, plaster and concrete, is surprisingly stylish. The inside has a queen bed, bathroom, kitchenette, fireplace and air conditioning. The potato, which comfortably sleeps two, is 28 feet long, 12 feet wide and 11.5 feet tall.

Many of social media are already starting to plan their trip. This giant potato on Airbnb is perfect for any potato lover. While it isn’t made of French fries, mashed potatoes and hash browns, it still gives customers a great story. Who wouldn’t want to say they slept in a potato?

Via Insider