Jon Bon Jovi Says He Has No Interest In A 'Bohemian Rhapsody'-Style Bon Jovi Movie

Photo credit Robert Cianflone / Staff
By ALT 103.7

Fans of Bon Jovi may be hoping one day their favorite band follows the likes of Queen, Elton John, The Beatles and Bruce Springsteen with a movie about their career. However, if Jon Bon Jovi has anything to do with it that will never happen. The Bon Jovi frontman spoke on the rock and roll biopic topic recently, and said he has no interest in seeing a Bon Jovi movie being made.

Jon Bon Jovi was answering questions at a Q&A session aboard the “Norwegian pearl” during his ‘Runaway To Paradise concert cruise, when the topic of a potential biopic was brought up. While fans have flocked to see movies about famous musicians recently, Jon Bon Jovi didn’t seem too interested in his story being told.

“I loved Bohemian Rhapsody, Loved it. And I loved Yesterday. I thought that was another different take on the same thing. But now I think that thing is done. It’s the same reason Bon Jovi never did a Broadway jukebox musical. It’s been done,” said Bon Jovi. While a Bon Jovi movie may not be in the band’s future, the singer still answered a question about who would potentially play him in the movie. “I was thinking Angelina Jolie could play me,” joked Bon Jovi.

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