Keller ISD Middle School Offers Community Service Instead Of Finals

Photo credit Rawpixel
By ALT 103.7

Every student, no matter the age, stresses about final exams. That’s why one Keller ISD middle school is taking a different approach to finals, and instead giving students the option to do community service projects instead.

Hillwood Middle School started the “YES” program, which stands for “Year End Studies” as a way for students to give back to the community in lieu of finals. There are 28 different community service projects for students to choose from. Some of these include learning lifeguard and water safety, building furniture and making dog toys.

According to Leah Horton, one of the program leaders, “We’ve decided to drop the text books and end of course exams and go out and help our communities.” The program has been very popular with students, who say they have fun doing the activities.

All the funding for the YES program comes from local donations from different families and businesses in the Keller area. While studying and testing is important, giving these students a chance to give back to the community is teaching them things an exam never could.

Via CBS Local