Legendary Rock Producer Teams Up With Wow! Unlimited Media To Create Music Inspired Children’s Programming

Photo credit bowie15
By ALT 103.7

Legendary rock producer, Bob Ezrin, is taking his music knowledge and using it to help children. Ezrin, who helped shape the sound for the iconic Pink Floyd album, “The Wall,” is teaming up with Wow! Unlimited Media to create music infused kids programming.

Bob Ezrin has spent his career working with some of the biggest names in rock and roll. His discography, which dates back to the 1970’s includes working alongside; Lou Reed, U2, Peter Gabriel, nine Inch Nails, Aerosmith, Janes Addiction, Pink Floyd and Alice Cooper, among others. Now Bob Ezrin’s focus will be on children’s programming.

According to Ezrin he’s, “very happy to be working with this team to generate shows that will wrap kids in the inspiration and excitement that comes from experiencing and making music.” One of the series will reportedly be inspired by Les Paul, while another, known as “Ukulele U” will take a group of children who will perform their own versions of contemporary hits.

The startup company has already begun collecting content for children. Along with their music inspired programming, Wow! Unlimited Media has also acquired “Castlevania,” a popular animated series on Netflix, and “Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures.” Soon legendary producer Bob Ezrin will be bringing us top level kids entertainment.

Via Deadline