Park Ranger's Selfie With “Posing” Gorillas Goes Viral

Photo credit JWJarrett
By ALT 103.7

The internet is good for many things, but hilarious animal photos might be its most important contribution to society. Getting an animal to participate in a photo can be difficult, but when they do, its pure gold. A park ranger from the Democratic Republic of Congo learned that recently, after his photo posing with two gorillas quickly went viral.

Mathieu Shamavu, a park ranger at Virunga National Park spends a lot of time with his gorilla friends, Ndakazi and Ndeze. The two female gorillas reside at the Senkwekwe Centre for Gorilla orphans, and have been cared for their since they were much smaller.

On Monday, the Virunga National Park shared Mathieu’s selfie posing with the two gorillas, along with his co-worker, Patrick. The photo quickly went viral, with many viewers wondering if it was even real. The Park has confirmed it is real, and apparently these gorillas no all about the art of selfies.

According to the park, the gorillas are standing upright because they are copying their caretakers, who are doing the same. While they say the photo was a result of “exceptional circumstances” they also add it’s never smart to approach gorillas in their natural habitat. Sadly, it takes an experienced park ranger to get this caliber of animal selfie.

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