New Dallas Art Exhibit, Candytopia, Gives Customers A Sugar Filled Experience

Photo credit Xinhua
By ALT 103.7

With the sudden emergence of pop up art shows all throughout DFW, it was only a matter of time until the metroplex got to experience Candytopia. Candytopia is a new art instillation making its way to Dallas, that brings observers through a giant room full of art made with sweet treats.

This Willy Wonka dreamland, made to make your Instagram followers jealous, opens Friday, April 5th. Candytopia is located at 8021 Walnut Hill Lane and will only cost adults $30 to experience this candy filled art exhibit.

With many sculptures made of gummy bears, peach rings, and soft candy, Candytopia co-founders, Jackie Sorkin and John Goodman, created an art show for any candy lover. There are many candy made pieces, including a Texas favorite, Big Tex. The best part though, is each room comes with candy for guests to snack on, so no one is tempted to touch the actual art.

Of course, Candytopia isn’t the only art instillation opening in Dallas this weekend. Another show, called ‘Snap151’ opens up, but instead of candy themed art, this pop up show will feature a large space for photoshoots. Still, sweets seem to rule all, as Candytopia has candy lovers all over the metroplex excited for art.

Via Guidelive