New App Allows Festival Goers to Sell Ticket If They Leave Early

Photo credit Alexthq
By ALT 103.7

Music Festivals are always a great experience, but by day two most concertgoers are worn out. Luckily, there is a new app, FlipTix, which allows people to buy/sell tickets when they leave an event early.

The free mobile app is looking to satisfy someone’s fun and frugal sides at the same time. It will allow buyers to recoup some of their investment if they leave an event early, and also allows people to get in when events are sold out.

One of the first chances to use this app will come this weekend during Kaaboo Texas Festival. The three day event takes place over the weekend, and with FlipTix more people have a chance at getting in. According to co-founder and CEO of FlipTix, Jamie Siegel, “On average, 30 percent of people leave events early. It doesn't matter what the event is. It seemed like there was an opportunity to capitalize on those early departures."

FlipTix is a free app to download, and is easy to use. Those leaving event simply need to have their tickets scanned at the FlipTix booth when leaving. Those looking to buy tickets just need to “like’ an event then wait for a ticket to go on sale. With FlipTix now even more people will get to experience great festivals.

Via GuideLive