Oreo To Release Five New Flavors This Summer

Photo credit Tracey Patterson
By ALT 103.7

While the classic Oreo is as close to perfection as a cookie can get, the famous cookie brand is always willing to try something new. They have an extensive catalogue of different flavored Oreos they have released throughout the years. Now, Oreo is looking to take over summer snacking, with five new flavors.

The cookie rollout will begin in May as Oreo releases their first of the new flavors. This Oreo will be a returning favorite; S’mores. The cookie will replace the chocolate cookie with a graham cracker, and the cream will be marshmallow and chocolate flavored. Next up will be a coffee flavored Oreo thin, which will be released in June.

June will also bring the Marshmallow moon Oreos. These will be a limited edition cookie honoring the 50th anniversary of the Apollo lunar landing. The following month, Oreo will be teaming up with Baskin Robbins to release a Mint Chocolate Chip flavored cookie. Finally, the summer will end up Maple Crème Oreo that will replace the classic cream filling with a maple flavored version.

Of course, the classic Oreo cookie will still be available, but for those that like to change things up, Oreo is trying to bring variety. The five new flavors will be rolled out throughout the summer. Luckily, now there’s something for Oreo lovers to forward to.

Via People