[Video] Alligator Eats Snake On Shore Of PGA Tournament

Photo credit LagunaticPhoto
By ALT 103.7

Nature can be pretty scary sometimes, especially when alligators are involved. During a professional golf tournament this week, an alligator emerged from the water looking for his next meal. Lucky for the gator, he saw a snake trying to sneak by.

The PGA Tour shared video of the epic reptile battle on their official twitter page. The Zurich Classic is currently going on in Louisiana, which is home to nearly 2 million alligators. The PGA Tour also shared a video of pro golfer, Chris Kirk, trying to swing with an alligator lurking in the background.

Of course, with this alligator sighting happening on the golf course, many on social media were quick to share their best ‘Happy Gilmore” memes and jokes. Luckily for the golfers, the alligator seemed content with his snake dinner.

The epic battle between reptiles didn’t last very long, with the alligator taking down the snake within a few seconds. For now the scoreboard reads Alligator-1, Snake-0. Hopefully the rest of the tournament can get by with minimal alligator sightings.

Via Fox News