Pink Floyd Producer Hid ‘The Wall’ Tapes From Record Label To Ensure Band Was Properly Paid

Photo credit Anthony Behar
By ALT 103.7

Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ is one of the most famous rock albums of all time, but thanks to a fight with the record company, the bands producer had to hide the tapes to make sure the band got paid properly. Iconic producer Bob Ezrin recently sat down to discuss all things Pink Floyd, and discuss how he would take the tapes form ‘The Wall’ home with him every night.

According to Ezrin, while the band was completing their famous double album, a fight with Columbia Records broke out over royalties. Tensions between the members of Pink Floyd were growing and Bob Ezrin didn’t want any interference.

When a secretary from Columbia Records came to collect the tapes, Bob Ezrin said, “Listen, your boss just sent you into a very, very dangerous place. You’re not getting these tapes. He’s not getting these tapes. And you need not to come back here, or I’ll call the band and then I can’t be responsible for what’s gonna happen to you."

Bob Ezrin then began to take the tapes home with him every night for about a week while the issues were sorted out. Not only did Ezrin have to deal with the record label, but he was also dealing with fighting within Pink Floyd. Luckily, even with all the turmoil, ‘The Wall’ was completed, and the world is thankful for that.

Via Ultimate Classic Rock